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Yo Mama got

Looking for yo mama got jokes? We have listed some of the most popular, stupid, ugly, dirty, funniest, wicked and insulting yo mama got jokes you can find on the internet. So, are you ready for the funniest yo mama got jokes you have ever come across? Make sure to read them all. Laugh more and live longer!
Yo mama got hit upside the head with an ugly stick.
Yo mama's got 1 leg longer than the other so they call her call her hip hop.
  • Submitted by: Connor
Yo mama's got 1 toe & 1 knee and they call her Tony.
  • Submitted by: Jados
Yo mama's got a "wait" problem, she can't wait to eat.
  • Submitted by: Jack
Yo mama's got a 4 dollar weave and don't know when to leave.
  • Submitted by: Darren C.
Yo mama's got a bald head with a part and sideburns.
Yo mama's got a leather wig with suede sideburns.
Yo mama's got a metal afro with rusty sideburns.
Yo mama's got a peanut butter wig with jelly sideburns.
Yo mama's got a wooden leg with branches.
  • Submitted by: Teo
Yo mama's got an eagle's nest wig.
  • Submitted by: Roberta
Yo mama's got an eating disorder, she be eating dis order, dat order, she be eating all the damn orders!
  • Submitted by: nextresearch
Yo mama's got hair on her tongue and she gargles with curl activator.
Yo mama's got more chins than a Chinese phone book.
Yo mama's got more crust than a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
  • Submitted by: amatus