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Yo Mama Got Jokes

Are you looking for Yo Mama Got Jokes? Here you will find a large collection of the funniest, most insulting and best Yo Mama Got Jokes you can find on the web! These funny Yo Momma jokes about got can be rude, mean, dirty, nasty, stupid and dark but also very funny, silly and entertaining. Our list of funny Yo mama jokes will lead to laughter. Be sure to read them all. Laugh more and live longer!

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Yo mama got hit upside the head with an ugly stick.
Yo mama's got a bald head with a part and sideburns.
Yo mama's got no ears and was trying on sunglasses.
Yo mama's got three in her mouth and two in her pocket.
Yo mama's got 1 leg longer than the other so they call her call her hip hop.
Yo mama's got 1 toe & 1 knee and they call her Tony.
Yo mama's got a "wait" problem, she can't wait to eat.

Funny Yo Mama Got Jokes

Yo mama's got a 4 dollar weave and don't know when to leave.
Yo mama's got a leather wig with suede sideburns.
Yo mama's got a metal afro with rusty sideburns.
Yo mama's got a peanut butter wig with jelly sideburns.
Yo mama's got a wooden leg with branches.
Yo mama's got an eagle's nest wig.
Yo mama's got an eating disorder, she be eating dis order, dat order, she be eating all the damn orders!
Yo mama's got hair on her tongue and she gargles with curl activator.

More Hilarious Yo Mama Got Jokes

Yo mama's got more chins than a Chinese phone book.
Yo mama's got more crust than a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Yo mama's got one leg and people call her Ilene.
Yo mama's got only one ear, talk about wanting to hear both sides of the story.
Yo mama's got Play-Doh teeth.
Yo mama's got snakeskin teeth.
Yo mama's got so much dandruff, she needs to defrost it before she combs her hair.
Yo mama's got so much weave, AT&T uses her extensions as backup lines.

Even More Yo Momma to Jokes Enjoy

Yo mama's got so much weave, when a fly goes by her hair swats at it.
Yo mama's got three fingers and a banjo.
Yo mama's got three fingers talkin' bout "Gimme five."
Yo mom's got a leather wig w/suede sideburns.
Yo momma got a face like a bag of chisels.
Yo momma got a face like a bag of smashed arseholes.
Yo momma got a face like a blind cobbler's thumb.

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I highly respect yo momma, and I think she's a wonderful person! You should never, ever joke about your mother in the way described on this page!

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