Yo Mama Mythology Jokes

Yo mama so fat that she gave Dracula diabetes.
Yo mama so hairy and ugly when Bigfoot saw her he thought she was his true love.
  • Submitted by: joke guy
Yo mama so hairy Bigfoot took a picture of her.
  • Submitted by: Hentai
Yo mama so hairy in Undertale, the monsters didn't identify her as a human.
Yo mama so hairy that Bigfoot was taking picures.

Yo mama so hairy when she looks in the mirror Bloody Mary runs away.
  • Submitted by: ääliö
Yo mama so ugly Bigfoot took pictures.
  • Submitted by: SuperBunny
Yo mama so ugly one look at her could turn Medusa to stone!
  • Submitted by: Jacob
Yo mama so ugly she turned Madusa to stone.
Yo mama so ugly that when she looked at another ugly person the they turned into stone.
  • Submitted by: No Limit

Yo mama's so fat she sat in Big Foot and made it a lowrider.
Yo mama's so fat that Dracula got type 2 diabetes after biting her neck.
Yo mama's so fat the grim reaper he couldn't bring her to hell.
Yo mama's so fat when Dracula sucked her blood he got diabetes.
Yo mama's so fat when she dies, the grim reaper is gonna have to make two trips.
  • Submitted by: player1917