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Yo Mama Music

Looking for yo mama music jokes? We have listed some of the most popular, stupid, ugly, dirty, funniest, wicked and insulting yo mama music jokes you can find on the internet. So, are you ready for the funniest yo mama music jokes you have ever come across? Make sure to read them all. Laugh more and live longer!
Yo mama so fat and old she knows firsthand the song "London Bridge came falling down" is based on true events.
  • Submitted by: stewart
Yo mama so fat she made One Direction go other direction.
  • Submitted by: Marvin
Yo mama so fat she said u cant touch this and the whole world did.
Yo mama so old her first concert was a Beethoven concert.
  • Submitted by: Jocke
Yo mama so stupid she thought Nickelback was a refund!
  • Submitted by: robbie
Yo mama so stupid she thought The Backstreet Boys were a bunch of thugs hanging out in an alley.
  • Submitted by: CrazyAcido
Yo mama so stupid, she thought "Boyz II Men" was a daycare center.
  • Submitted by: Jocke
Yo mama so ugly she made Justin Bieber say, "Never."
Yo mama so ugly that when Elvis Presley saw her in the V.I.P room he thought that she was a moose.
Yo mama so ugly when she looks in the mirror Micheal Jackson sings beat it.
Yo Mama so ugly, she made One Direction go the other direction.
  • Submitted by: Isabella
Yo mama so ugly, she's the reason Athena never can't singing!
  • Submitted by: Eex
Yo mama's so fat she jumped into the ocean and the whales stated to sing "We are family".
Yo mama's so fat that when she sings, it's over for everybody.
Yo mama's so old she knew the Beetles when they were the New Kids on the Block.
  • Submitted by: Predator