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Yo Mama Holiday Jokes

Looking for yo mama holiday jokes? We have listed some of the most popular, stupid, ugly, dirty, funniest, wicked and insulting yo mama holiday jokes you can find on the internet. So, are you ready for the funniest yo mama holiday jokes you have ever come across? Make sure to read them all. Laugh more and live longer!
Yo mama has more beard than Santa.
  • Submitted by: Alma
Yo mama so fat all she wanted for Christmas is to see her feet.
  • Submitted by: JW
Yo mama so fat Santa gave her a treadmil for Christmas.
Yo mama so fat she ate Santa's cookies and drank his milk.
  • Submitted by: Rick Morrow
Yo mama so fat that on Halloween she says "Trick or meatloaf!"
Yo mama so fat when kids come over to her house on halloween, she says, "Trick or treat!"
  • Submitted by: Sly
Yo mama so old her first Christmas was the first Christmas!
Yo mama so ugly she had to trick or treat over the phone when she was young.
Yo mama so ugly she'd look better as the Grinch.
  • Submitted by: secret
Yo mama so ugly when Santa came down the chimney he said ho! ho! hoooollly shit!
Yo mama was going to be a Jack o' Lantern for Halloween, but she didn't have enough teeth for it.
Yo mama's like a Christmas tree, everybody hangs balls on her.
Yo mama's so dumb that when she found a vulcan, she tried to call Santa to take him back to the north pole.
  • Submitted by: sweat
Yo mama's so fat on Halloween she trick or treats two houses at a time.
Yo mama's so fat she threw on a sheet for Halloween and went as Antarctica.