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Yo Mama Geographic Jokes

Are you looking for Yo Mama Geographic Jokes? Here you will find a large collection of the funniest, most insulting and best Yo Mama Geographic Jokes you can find on the web! These funny Yo Momma jokes about geographic can be rude, mean, dirty, nasty, stupid and dark but also very funny, silly and entertaining. Our list of funny Yo mama jokes will lead to laughter. Be sure to read them all. Laugh more and live longer!

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Yo mama lost at Hide N' Seek when I spotted her behind the Himalayas.
Yo mama so big her first step as a baby she made the grand canyon.
Yo mama so dumb she thought a tsunami was a kind of Japanese sushi
Yo mama so fat Mount Everest tried to climb her.
Yo mama so fat she got arested for cuasing the eartquake in china.
Yo mama so fat she jumped off the Grand Canyon and got stuck.
Yo mama so fat she was the atomic bomb dropped on Japan.

Funny Yo Mama Geographic Jokes

Yo mama so fat she wears the equator as a waist belt.
Yo mama so fat that her body fat percentage is above that of the total percentage of every human in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, combined.
Yo mama so fat that she climbed Mt. Fuji with one step.
Yo mama so fat that went she stepped in the water, Thailand had to declare another tsunami warning.
Yo mama so fat that when she went to the to of the Empire State Building, biplanes started flying around her and she tried to swat them down.
Yo mama so fat they couldn't get her through the Golden Gate Bridge!
Yo Mama so fat, she fell down the Grand Canyon, and got stuck!
Yo mama so stupid, when she wanted to try french toast, she took a trip to France!

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Yo mama's so dirty she went swimming and made the Dead Sea.
Yo mama's so fit that she could run a marathon, teach a Zumba class AND climb Mount Everest without stopping to catch her breath once.
Yo mama's so Russian, when she was sick she thought she was fighting the cold war.
Yo mama's so fat I saw her in New York, and when I told my friend in LA, he'd seen her too.
Yo mama's so fat she fell in the Grand Canyon and got stuck.
Yo mama's so fat she is the wall between Mexico and USA!
Yo mama's so fat she plays hopscotch like this: LA, Detroit, Seattle, NY.
Yo mama's so fat she tripped in the United States and fell on Canada!

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Yo mama's so fat she's half Indian, half Irish, and half American.
Yo mama's so fat that China uses her to block the internet.
Yo mama's so fat that she and the great wall of China are used as reference points when astronauts look back at the Earth.
Yo mama's so fat that she fell and created the Grand Canyon!
Yo mama's so fat that she uses the entire country of Mexico as her tanning bed.
Yo mama's so fat that she was floating in the ocean and Spain claimed her for the New World.
Yo mama's so fat that she went to take a dip in the ocean and airplanes mistook her for Russia.

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I highly respect yo momma, and I think she's a wonderful person! You should never, ever joke about your mother in the way described on this page!

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