Yo Mama Movie Jokes

Yo mama smells so bad, she was entered in the hunger games and won within 30 seconds.
Yo mama so butch, her middle name is Rambo.
  • Submitted by: Phillip Day
Yo mama so dumb she thought THE EXORCIST was a workout video.
  • Submitted by: .
Yo mama so fat her favorite actor is Kevin Bacon.
  • Submitted by: José
Yo mama so fat Matthew McConaughey went interstellar around her ass.
  • Submitted by: Stacy1997

Yo mama so fat she couldn't get the part in Forrest Gump because she kept eating the box of chocolates.
Yo mama so fat she crushed Godzilla.
Yo mama so fat when she go to the beach people yell "FREE WILLY".
  • Submitted by: Rafael
Yo mama so fat when she went to the movies she sat next to everyone.
  • Submitted by: mrlady73
Yo mama so hairy that every one thinks she is King Kong.
  • Submitted by: Roy

Yo mama so old she remembers Leslie Neilsen as a straight actor.
  • Submitted by: Paxton Moody
Yo mama so stupid she thought the star of Austin Powers was Michael Myers!
  • Submitted by: alex
Yo mama so stupid she watched Scary Movie 4 and had nightmares.
  • Submitted by: Depravity
Yo mama so ugly even Godzilla was afraid!
Yo mama so ugly even the facehuggers from the movie "Alien" run away from her!
  • Submitted by: Charli