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Yo mama so hot, even Cynthia and Elesa automatically gets hit with infatuation status.
Yo mama's so mean that she has no standard deviation.
Yo mama's so stupid she took a ladder to a Giants game.
Yo mama's so stupid that she thought she could make scrambled eggs in the microwave.
Yo mama's breath is so stinky, I don't know whether to give her gum or toilet paper.
Yo mom's so fat she can do pair programming alone.
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  • Submitted by: Yabba-Dabba doo
Yo mama so fat the One Ring can’t grow big enough to fit on her finger.
Yo mama's so fat that this town really ISN'T big enough for the both of us
Yo mama's so statist she organized the Home School Teachers Union.
Yo mama's so fat that even the Death Star couldn't blow her up!