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Yo mama so bald when she wears a turtleneck, she looks like a busted condom.
Yo momma so ghetto, she had to steal a pair of shoes just to throw them over the power line.
Yo mama's so hairy they filmed National Geographic in her bathroom.
Yo momma's house is so poor it has a kickstand.
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  • Submitted by: connaisseur
Yo mama's so fat when she went to get a water bed, they put a blanket across Lake Michigan.
Yo mama's so poor that she can't afford to pay attention!
Yo mama's so OLD..... Zombies don't want to eat her, because her flesh is more rotten than THEIRS!
Yo momma's so fat she uses the equator as a belt.
Yo mama so ugly trainers throw blue pokeblocks at her. But she ain't evolving anytime soon.
Yo momma’s hair is so short, she curls the hair with a grain of rice.