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Yo momma so dumb she thought Twilight Sparkle's special talent was Edward Cullen.
Yo mama's so fat that if she swims in the sea the crowd thinks that an Island has just appeared.
Yo mama's so fat her belly jiggle is the first ever perpetual motion machine.
Yo mama so ugly that her face looks like someone had set fire to it, and then put out the fire with a hammer.
Yo mama so fat when she gets a cut she bleeds milkshake.
Yo mama so ugly even Orochimaru said "W-T-F. I ain't touching that"
  • Anime
  • Submitted by: David_Lesher
Yo momma's so stupid she thinks a Toadstool is a well endowed frog.
Yo mama's so fat that her belly button gets home 15 minutes before she does.
Yo mama's so dumb she sent a kid out alone on a worldwide journey with only a few animals for company.
  • Pokemon
  • Submitted by: Yabba-Dabba doo
Yo momma's so short she can bungee-jump off a curb!