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Yo mama is so fat not even Goku can lift her up.
  • Anime
  • Submitted by: Gokublack
Yo mama's so stupid that she put on bug spray before going to the flea market.
Yo mama so fat Orochimaru summoned her to slow down a Bijuu bomb.
Yo mama's so fat that when she asked me "what's up?" I said "your weight!"
Yo mamas so dumb she got arrested because she thought stilettos said steal those.
Yo mama's so skinny that she has to wear a belt with spandex.
Yo mama so stupid she watched Scary Movie 4 and had nightmares.
  • Movies
  • Submitted by: Depravity
Yo mama so ugly she steps in front of the mirror and it shade-rd into pieces.
Yo mama's so fat everytime she wears high heels, she strikes oil.
Yo mama so dumb that she puts lipstick on her head just to make-up her mind.