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Yo mama's so fat she sat on four quarters and made a dollar.
Yo mama so fat Hulk calls her for squashing.
Yo mama's so fat when she played hide-n-go-seek, she hid behind a water tower.
Yo mamma so stupid that when the Sorting Hate tried to sort her, she thought she was modeling and began strutting around the Great hall doing turns and making poses.
Yo mom's so disorganised she lives on a heap.
Yo mama so fat Santa gave her a treadmil for Christmas.
Yo momma dances so bad, that they decided to just call off the rave!
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I would have been your father but the damn dog beat me over the fence!
Yo mama's so square that she's got imaginary numbers on her social security card.
Yo mama's so fat she has smaller fat women orbiting around her!