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Yo mama waves around a popsickle stick and calls it air conditioning.
Yo mama so stinky she makes Gastlys throw up.
Yo mama so dumb she thought floppy disk was when her back hurt.
Yo momma so fat she sat on the beach and Greenpeace threw her in!
Yo mum is stupid she walked into orange and asked were there oranges are.
Yo mama so ugly she always keeps three bags handy: one for her head, one for your own head in case hers fell off, and one by the door in case anyone walked in.
Yo mama's so fat I got a lock on with my stinger missile.
Yo mama's so gross, even Muk is disgusted by her.
Yo momma so ugly she just got a job at the airport, sniffing for drugs
Yo mama's so dark that she looks like a picture of outer-space with no stars... except when she smiles.