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Yo mama so fat she went into a zoo and a zookeeper said, "Oh boy...another elephant got out!"
Yo momma's so fat you can only see her through hawking radiation.
Yo mama so dumb she saw a school bus and started running after it screaming "My TWINKEEEEEEEE!!'
Yo mama emits so much gas she has monthly carbon bill.
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  • Submitted by: daniel
Yo mama so dumb she thought Smaug was in L.A.
I tried to import Yo mom and received array out of bounds ...
Yo mama's so fat that when she got upgraded by the cybermen, they turned her into an ice cream truck.
Yo mama's so short that her homies are the Keebler Elfs.
Yo mom's so fat she needs to eat 5 feasts by herself to get the 'well fed' buff.
Yo mama's so fat she left wearing hi-heals and came back wearing flats.