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Yo mama's so statist - turning your air guitar up to 11 results in a noise violation.
Yo mama's so fat I've got to tell two snaps just to cover her fat ass.
Yo momma's so dumb she went to Disney World and saw a sign that said Disney World Left so she went home
Yo mama's so ugly flies won't land on her.
Yo momma so dumb she threw a rock at the sky and missed.
Yo mama so fat she had a refrigerator tied to her waste and everyone thought it was a pager.
Yo mama's so ugly that she makes blind children cry.
Yo moma is so fat when she walked past my window I lost 4 days of light.
Yo mama's such an ugly bitch, she has a sign in her yard that says "Beware of Dog."
Yo mama so fat, I tried to build her in Fortnite Creative and I ran out of materials.