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Yo mama's so fat the only thing she can fit into at the clothing store is the dressing rooms.
Yo mamma so ugly Jack Harkness wouldn't sleep with her.
Yo mom's so old she takes punch cards.
  • Nerd
  • Submitted by: Mackenzi
Yo mama's so fat that every time she turns around, she has another birthday.
Yo momma so stupid she thought a quarterback was an income tax refund.
  • Sport
  • Submitted by: Daniel
Yo mama so stupid she got hit by a cup and told the cops she got mugged!
Yo mama's so ugly they used to push her face into dough to make gorilla biscuits.
Yo mama so fat she thinks sub-prime is a steak cut.
Yo mama so lazy, the only thing she gets excited about is canceled plans.
Yo momma's so fat people pay to swim with her.