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Yo mamma's so dumb that spinda seem normal compared to her.
Yo mama so big when you climb on top of her your ears pop.
Yo mama's so hideous and nasty, even Hydreigon and Gyarados faints from her Scary Face.
Yo momma so hairy she looks like a Chia Pet with an afro!
When Yo mom and friends get together and hold hands, we call it token ring..
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  • Submitted by: Kill-Bill
Yo momma's so short, when she went to meet Santa he said, "Go back to work!"
Yo Mama so fat her boggart is a gym membership.
Yo mama's so old she sat next to Ben Franklin in kindergarden
Yo momma so stupid she went to Alpha Beta and asked to buy a vowel.
Yo momma's so poor each night she goes to KFC to lick other folks fingers