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Yo Mama Celebrities Jokes

Are you looking for Yo Mama Celebrities Jokes? Here you will find a large collection of the funniest, most insulting and best Yo Mama Celebrities Jokes you can find on the web! These funny Yo Momma jokes about celebrities can be rude, mean, dirty, nasty, stupid and dark but also very funny, silly and entertaining. Our list of funny Yo mama jokes will lead to laughter. Be sure to read them all. Laugh more and live longer!

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Yo mama is so fat that her shirt size has more X's than Talor Swift.
Yo mama is whiter than Mitt Romney in a Snow storm.
Yo mama so fat even Bill Gates couldn’t pay for her liposuction!
Yo mama so hairy Michael Jackson bought she was Bubbles.
Yo mama so old she dated Marco Polo.
Yo mama so old she was a stripper for Christopher Columbus!
Yo mama so poor she married Michael Jackson.

Funny Yo Mama Celebrities Jokes

Yo mama so stupid Rebecca Black taught her Thursday comes before Friday!
Yo mama so stupid she went to The Home Depot and asked for tickets to see The Doors.
Yo mama so ugly she make Michael Jackson look like Brad Pitt.
Yo mama So ugly she scared Michael Jackson.
Yo mama so ugly that Rice Crispies won't even talk to her.
Yo mama so white Charlie Sheen told her "the cocaine goes *in your nose* - not all over your face genius!"
Yo mama so white she thought Malcolm X was a porno.
Yo mama so white, Miley Cyrus said somebody sweep up the white trash.

More Hilarious Yo Mama Celebrities Jokes

Yo mama so white, she makes Michael Jackson look black.
Yo mama so white, she makes the Pillsbury Doughboy look like a Mexican!
Yo mama so white, she makes Zooey Deschanel look like Oprah!
Yo mama's so naive she thinks people stare at her because she is some kind of glamorous celebrity.
Yo mama's so nasty that she calls Janet "Miss Jackson."
Yo mama's so stank she's like Shaquille O'Neal, she don't fake the funk!!
Yo mama's so dumb that Rebecca Black taught her the days of the week.
Yo mama's so fat Christopher Columbus claimed her as the new world.

Even More Yo Momma to Jokes Enjoy

Yo mama's so fat even Richard Simmons laughs at her.
Yo mama's so fat Honey Boo Boo's mom tried to give her a massage and got lost!
Yo mama's so fat Jenny Craig did a credit check.
Yo mama's so fat she made Richard Simmons cry.
Yo mama's so fat she makes Richard Simmons lose his enthusiasm.
Yo mama's so fat the only thing she lost at Jenny Craig was $29.95.
Yo mama's so fat the only thing stopping her from going to Jenny Craig is the door.

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I highly respect yo momma, and I think she's a wonderful person! You should never, ever joke about your mother in the way described on this page!

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