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Yo Mama so Stank

Are you looking for Yo Mama so Stank? Here you will find a large collection of the funniest, most insulting and best Yo Mama so Stank you can find on the web! These funny Yo Momma jokes about stank can be rude, mean, dirty, nasty, stupid and dark but also very funny, silly and entertaining. Our list of funny Yo mama jokes will lead to laughter. Be sure to read them all. Laugh more and live longer!

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Yo mama so stank when she sits on bread dough, it rises.
Yo mama so stanky that not even dobby would accept one of her socks.
Yo mama's breath is so stanky, she eats odour eaters.
Yo mama's crotch so stank she has to use Odoreaters(TM) as panty liners.
Yo mama's so stank a blind man walking by her asked "How much for the shrimp platter?"
Yo mama's so stank every time she opens her mouth she's talking shit.
Yo mama's so stank she has to use Right Guard and Left Guard.

Funny Yo Mama so Stank

Yo mama's so stank she made her Right Guard call for backup.
Yo mama's so stank she made Right Guard go left, Speed Stick slow down, and Ban come off strike.
Yo mama's so stank she was playing in a sand box and a cat came along and buried her.
Yo mama's so stank she's like Shaquille O'Neal, she don't fake the funk!!
Yo mama's so stank that her shit is glad to escape.
Yo mama's so stank when she spreads her legs I get sea sick.
Yo mama's so stanky, she gets sourdough yeast infections.
Yo momma's breath so stank when she talks to her plants they hold their breath.

More Hilarious Yo Mama so Stank

Yo momma's so stank she makes skunks smell like desert flower Air Wick.
Yo momma's so stank she used Secret deodorant and it told.

I highly respect yo momma, and I think she's a wonderful person! You should never, ever joke about your mother in the way described on this page!

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