Yo Mama so hairy

Yo mama has so much hair on her upper lip that she braids it.
  • Submitted by: Declan
Yo mama so hairy her butt hairs get clogged in the toilet when she flushes.
Yo mama so hairy Jane goodall follows her around
  • Submitted by: k-l
Yo mama so hairy she got a haircut and lost 10 pounds!
  • Submitted by: Connor
Yo mama so hairy she has sideburns on her boobs
  • Submitted by: Rueger007

Yo mama so hairy she looks like a chia pet with a sweater on!
Yo mama so hairy that you need a lawn mower for her back.
  • Submitted by: Bowden
Yo mama so hairy the zoo offered to buy her
  • Submitted by: Roberta Meehan
Yo mama so hairy when you’re baby brother was born, he died of rug burn.
  • Submitted by: kraman
Yo mama's arm pits so hairy it look like she have Don King in a head lock.

Yo mama's hair is so short, when she braids it, it looks like stitches.
  • Submitted by: Griffin
Yo mama's so hairy even her STD’s gets lost!
Yo mama's so hairy she they thought she was king kong.
Yo mama's so hairy that if she could fly she'd look like a magic carpet.
Yo mama's so hairy that if you shaved her legs, you could supply wigs for the entire Hair Club for Men.