Yo mama doctor who

Yo mama so fat she doesn't even fit inside the Tardis!
Yo mama so fat the TARDIS landed on her cause it thought she was a planet!!
Yo mama so old she remembers when The Doctor was an Undergrad.
  • Submitted by: Abigail
Yo mama so ugly Captain Jack Harkness won’t even hit on her.
  • Submitted by: Wijck
Yo mama so ugly she makes The Face of Boe look beautiful.
  • Submitted by: Simon

Yo mama's so easy she is called the tardis because she has had so many doctors in her.
Yo mama's so fat it doesn't matter that the Tardis is bigger on the inside. She can't get through the door.
  • Submitted by: May We All
Yo mama's so fat she's bigger than both the outside AND the inside of the Tardis!
  • Submitted by: Dad
Yo mama's so fat that after Captain Jack got done making love to her, he rolled over twice, and was still on her.
  • Submitted by: rock
Yo mama's so fat that when she got upgraded by the cybermen, they turned her into an ice cream truck.
  • Submitted by: v.m

Yo mama's so fat the cyberman DOWNgraded her.
Yo mama's so fat the Pirate Planet tried to take her over.
Yo mama's so ugly even when she blinks the weeping angels won't uncover their faces. BOOSH!
  • Submitted by: Life
Yo mama's so ugly that Dalek's don't actually say 'Exterminate' when they see her, because they figure somebody else already got there!
  • Submitted by: luuk
Yo mama's so ugly that when Captain Jack Harkness saw her, he actually died.