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Yo Mama Vehicle Jokes

Looking for yo mama vehicle jokes? We have listed some of the most popular, stupid, ugly, dirty, funniest, wicked and insulting yo mama vehicle jokes you can find on the internet. So, are you ready for the funniest yo mama vehicle jokes you have ever come across? Make sure to read them all. Laugh more and live longer!
It took Yo mama 10 tries to get her drivers license - she couldn't get used to the front seat!
Yo mama ao fat she has to sit in the middle of the car.
  • Submitted by: henrik89
Yo mama so dumb she saw a school bus and started running after it screaming "My TWINKEEEEEEEE!!'
  • Submitted by: Randi
Yo mama so dumb she sold her car for gasoline money!
Yo mama so dumb when she went to take the 44 bus, she took the 22 twice instead.
  • Submitted by: Mamma
Yo mama so fat I tried driving around her and I ran out of gas.
Yo mama so fat when she puts on a yellow rain coat the childern come running to the bus stop.
  • Submitted by: Vincenzo
Yo mama so fat when she puts on yellow people think shes a bus.
  • Submitted by: Carrick
Yo mama so fat when she saw a yellow school bus she yelled "TWINKY".
Yo mama so fat when she walked through a drive through people thought she was a Cadillac escalade.
  • Submitted by: Hendrik
Yo mama so poor that I borrowed your skateboard and she called the cops saying her car got stolen.
Yo mama so short when she got in the car she couldn't reach the steering wheel.
  • Submitted by: Gauge
Yo mama's is so fat she drives a spandex car
Yo mama's so dark that she was riding a motorcycle and got a ticket for tinted windows!
  • Submitted by: Roger Bacon
Yo mama's so fat her car is made of spandex.
  • Submitted by: Kiwi