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Yo Mama Anime Jokes

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Yo mama's so ugly Saya thought she was a Chiropteran.
Yo mama's so ugly she's the real reason sasuke left the village.
Yo mama's so ugly that even made Ulquiorra laugh.
Yo mama's so ugly that Sanji and Brook asked her to cover up more.
Yo mama's so ugly that she makes Orochimaru look beautiful.
Yo mama's so ugly that she's like a Death Note. Get someone to look at her, and they'll die!
Yo mama's so ugly that when Kakashi looked directly at her, he lost an eye.

Funny Yo Mama Anime Jokes

Yo mama's so ugly that when Nozomu Itoshiki saw her, he didn't even bother with his "ZETSUBOUSHITA!" speech - he skipped straight to hanging himself.
Yo mamma so fat Sai ran out of ink trying to paint just her arm rolls.
Yo mamma so fat when Hidan ingested her blood for his ritual he got type 2 diabetes.
Yo mamma so ugly she is the reason the second hokage invented his total-darkness-no-jutsu.
Yo mamma so useless she makes Ten Ten look useful.
Yo moma so big, Jenova rides her to destroy other planets.
Yo moma so big, she uses real Gundams for toys. "Look! They're 1/1 scale!"
Yo moma so dumb she FAILED the entrance to Deimon High.

More Hilarious Yo Mama Anime Jokes

Yo moma so ugly I wouldn't touch her with the Power more ways than one!
Yo momma dances so bad, that they decided to just call off the rave!
Yo momma eats so many doughnuts, she makes Vash look anorexic!
Yo momma is so stupid that she copied off Yammy on her skewl test.
Yo momma smells so bad that you run to the gaming room to get a breath of fresh air!
Yo momma so dumb even Naruto can’t believe it.
Yo momma so dumb she thought Yumichika's a man.
Yo momma so fat she plugged Miroku's hand

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Yo momma so fat when cosplays Sailor Moon, tides shift.
Yo momma so fat when Kakazu took her heart he got hypertension and died of a heart attack.
Yo momma so nasty... there's no trouble for shikamaru
Yo momma so stupid she even made Mihoshi say "Damn she's dumb!"
Yo momma so stupid she gives Osaka a run for her money.
Yo momma so ugly even Naruto cant "believe it"
Yo momma so ugly even the sinking Yamato wouldn't go down.

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I highly respect yo momma, and I think she's a wonderful person! You should never, ever joke about your mother in the way described on this page!

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